SAS Angels
SAS Angels
Thank you to all of our generous Sponsor A Spay Angels listed below who have donated to sponsor a spay or neuter during our Sponsor A Spay Campaign! Each spay or neuter that we are able to assist with means lives saved through prevention of future litters. If you would like to become a SAS Angel, click HERE to donate!

Les & Lorrie Barnes
Stacey Leavitt
Mike & Rhonda Ruddick
Marilyn Bivens
Amy & Kelby Ouchley
Barbara Zeagler
Maren Williams
Lea Waldroup
Susan Prystauk
Randy & Tricia Gilley
Dunkin's Road to Love & Healing
Alice Whitaker
Bette Jones
Christy Whitaker
Beth Smith
Cindy Rogers
Shirley Pilcher
Lois Hoover
Janie Murphy & Susanne Walker
Lorrie Howell
Ann Davis
Bill & Karen Land
Bunny Hewitt
Paul Eaton
Angela Smith
Kelly Williamson
Jamie Hobson
Mary Nichols
Alicia Blake
The Woman's Clinic Staff in memory of Rick Williams
Bridget Hampton
Senator Mike Walsworth
Debi Anding
Mandy Brodnax
Susan Flanigan
Erin Moss
John & Karen Nichols - M-N Utilities
Jay Morris
Pam Henry
Jennifer DeMoss
Phyllis Humphreys Shanas
Kay LaFrance
Daniel P. Parker
James Inzina
Linda Williams
Kim Gebhardt
Florence Brooks
Carol Shaver
Barbara McIntosh
Jill & Jeff Mouk
Melba Williamson
Thank you also to our 10 anonymous Angels!