SAS Angels
SAS Angels
Thank you to all of our generous Sponsor A Spay Angels listed below who have donated to sponsor a spay or neuter during our Sponsor A Spay Campaign! Each spay or neuter that we are able to assist with means lives saved through prevention of future litters. If you would like to become a SAS Angel, click HERE to donate!

Les & Lorrie Barnes
Stacey Leavitt
Mike & Rhonda Ruddick
Marilyn Bivens
Amy & Kelby Ouchley
Barbara Zeagler
Maren Williams
Lea Waldroup
Susan Prystauk
Randy & Tricia Gilley
Dunkin's Road to Love & Healing
Alice Whitaker
Bette Jones
Christy Whitaker
Beth Smith
Cindy Rogers
Shirley Pilcher
Lois Hoover
Janie Murphy & Susanne Walker
Lorrie Howell
Ann Davis
Bill & Karen Land
Bunny Hewitt
Paul Eaton
Angela Smith
Kelly Williamson