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loved by Sandy in NY

He waited for weeks but everyone kept passing his cage to get to the younger dogs and puppies. An email was sent out to try and find help for Elvis and that email made it all the way to his long distance angel in Rochester, NY. She did not give up until Elvis finally made his way north to her. Below is an email from his new mom:

"I had decided to look for an older dog that needed a home after the death of my 12 year old Snowy. When I saw Elvis, he was like looking at a picture of her at a very young age except that Elvis, now "The Elf", was 13. After months of agonizing and trying to arrange a transfer to get him to NY, we finally succeeded in getting him. He arrived in Buffalo, NY at 2:30am one rainy night in September where we waited to pick him up.

He's so tiny and spry; you tend to forget his age. The Elf has become my husband's shadow and follows him all over. He has fit into our family quite well and we just adore this little guy. For anyone considering adopting a senior, we say 'Go for it'!"